Jon Sachs, Photog

I am a professional photographer and graphic designer. I also keep very busy creating websites for a variety of clients. You can check out that part of my world at my site, I also have a popular website all about poison ivy and poison oak and related topics.

Fred and Jon at the motel in SpragueWhile on a trip through Washington in the summer of 2011 with my brother Fred (see photo) we were wandering through the Palouse farm country and ended up in Sprague at the end of the day. After finding a motel we walked over to the Viking for refreshments. On the way back Fred happened to notice a whole bunch of trucks on a dirt lot in Sprague. We went nuts taking pictures and came back the next morning for more.

After I got home and reviewed the photos I realized that in two weeks of travel in spectacular country nothing had moved me as much as this collection of old trucks.

So I put together a sample book through Blurb and sent it to Dave Jones to see if he wanted to work on a "real" book with me. Which he did.

So I went back and spent a week in Sprague in April of 2012. I interviewed Dave to learn about him and his collection. (There is a video in the works...)

Dave and I are now partners in selling photos of his trucks, with books in the works.