Visit Sprague

Sprague is tiny town, but I loved visiting. Everyone I met was friendly and welcoming.

In addition to Dave's truck collection also find:

The Sprague Motel and RV Park where I stayed in April. Wonderful hosts, and great free wifi for your computer.

Dot's Farm Junk is sometimes open on weekends, but you can call her and she'll open the store for you. It is full of all sorts of antique farm things, just as the name says.

Kathy's Market has pretty much everything you need.

RaeLynn's Oasis tavern WAS the only bar in town, but I hear it has closed down.

The Purple Sage Motel has rooms, not all in purple.

There is a US Bank, for all your banking needs.

The Viking Drive-In is not a drive in, but has great diner style food. I had all my breakfast and lunch meals there.

The Chevron Station has gas and a small store with all sorts of great stuff.

See the lovely brick Queen Mary of Heaven Church.

There is great fishing in the area, and also nature reserves and hiking trails.

The trains come through often with hundreds of cars of coal going west and return freight going east.

The Palouse and Steptoe Butte are major destinations for photographers.

Palouse Falls is a mindblowing waterfull not far from Sprague.

Spokane, where you fly into, is a great western city.

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