The History of the Jeep
Here is a neat webpage sent to us by a student named Kyle and class. Has some great info!

US Military Vehicles
If those great old WWII jeeps or other vehicles give you goosebumps (like they do for me) check out this site for sure.

Old Ride
If you want to buy an old truck (or car) either fully restored or rusty wreck, these folks have thousands of trucks listed.

A site with every kind of cool retro place to visit, state by state.

Classic Trucks
This is a place for people who want to get parts to fix up trucks, or find out about fixing up old trucks, or just want to connect with others who fix up old trucks.

This is just for folks into pre 1973 GM trucks. They call themselves a virtual garage. Cool.

Old Time Trucks
They have a slick website and a magazine for old truck lovers.

Vintage Truck Magazine
Also has a strong website AND a magazine.

American Historical Truck Society
The folks have a magazine AND an annual national truck show.

The Truckers Report
A website all about trucks and trucking.

Military to Mainstream Vehicles
This is a very cool site from Veterans Auto Insurance with great info about a number of military vehicles that went into general use.

Do you have a resource for old trucks? Send me an email to jon AT  (Put the @ in place of the AT.)